I established the firm STAŃCZYK in 1996 and from the very beginning I set to manufacture pearl jewellery. Why exactly pearls? My adventure with gemstones and decorative stones started in secondary school. Having lived in the Sudety Mountains, in Polanica Zdrój, I had the opportunity to come to know our native ‘treasures’. In the middle of the 80’s I met an exceptional man by whose side I started to explore the inner world of gemstones. His passion for gemstones, I’m talking of Mr Roman Urbaniak here, was so infectious that I took up studies in this field. During the many-year co-operation I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge.
In the beginning of the 90’s Mr Urbaniak started to bring pearls to Polish market. Enchanted by their magical splendour I started to spend my free time on learning the secrets of this extraordinary gem. In short time started studying at the Wroclaw University – Geology Department. The outcome of my studies was an innovatory thesis on the subject of PEARLS IDENTIFICATION written under the supervision of professor Sc. D. Michal Sachanbinski. After graduating I was nominated a PEARL EXPERT by the Jewellery Experts Association located in Warsaw. It is worth mentioning that the initiator of the Association was the late Mr Roman Urbaniak.
From the perspective of time I realised that beside the passion for that original, complete wonder of nature there are still a lot of gaps in the knowledge of it, gaps that I hope will further inspire me to explore the mysterious world of pearls.

Mirosław Stańczyk